The detail is decisive

Because legal documents stand and fall on the accuracy with which their terms are expressed, we go far beyond simple translation. This is because there are many legal terms that can easily be (and often are) mistranslated between German and English, and vice versa.

Working only with native-speaker legal translators, we ensure that your texts are linguistically and technically flawless. Because our translators understand the legal implications that lie behind specific words and phrases, you can be certain that your intention will be accurately translated – even if we need to use apparently different words to achieve that.

This level of attention to detail means that the texts we deliver to you are not only presented in correct legal language, but also sound natural to your intended recipient. This avoids the unprofessional impression and potential commercial risks associated with standard translations.

We aim to be as valued by you
as you are by your clients

First and foremost, you can rely 100% on the accuracy of our translations. Ensuring that degree of precision is our job. And our passion.

Supporting that is our obsessive commitment to providing you with total reliability. What we promise, we always deliver. On time and on budget. That applies as much to express and out-of-hours delivery as it does to more accommodating schedules. In addition, all your data will be kept confidential under the terms of data protection law.

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